About us

Gemie Pastry Manufacturering Sdn. Bhd. (Co. NOS 397619-K) is a dedicated, well established manufacturer of high quality vegetarian delicacies. Gemie was incorporated on August 12, 1996 and has its headquarters and manufacturing plant in Kluang, Johor, Malaysia. Gemie have over 50 products available. The company is also a contract manufacturer under OEM for supermarkets and wholesale distributors within Malaysia and its neighboring countries.

Gemie which has a history of 25 years, is in everyone’s impressions of Pau and Mantou. We are always improve ourself and do the best. Thus, we kept expand & improve our R&D to delivery more products, more favorite such as Mochi, Mooncakes & etc of frozen food pastry which able to lets you try it at everywhere easily.

Gemie started as a small family cottage industry in a single unit shoplot in Kluang with only a handful of employees. Gemie has expanded rapidly over the years, improving its existing products and innovating varied new products. In a floor area of over 1,050 square meters, Gemie's more than 30 employees work hard to ensure world class quality and total customer satisfaction. Gemie has agressive plans of further expanding its production capabilities over the next few years to cater to the ever increasing demand for its high quality products.

Our Vision

GEMIE’s products have been reputed as one of the best. GEMIE is committed to continue investing in research and technology to improving its processes and products, enhancing all aspects of the company to meet the most discerning customers’ expectations.

GEMIE’s goal is to:

  • Provide customers healthier food products
  • Ensure high quality food products
  • Make GEMIE a globally recognized brand name
  • Implement stringent food hygiene protocols in the production process
  • Employ committed and dedicated staff to achieve these goals


Our Mission

To be a leading food manufacturer utilizing new technologies placing emphasis on the highest standard in quality and providing value to our customers

Our Achievements

The adoption of Total Quality Management in our drive towards excellence with our strict practice of food hygiene, food safety, sanitization and quality control has led to the IEC ISO 22000:2018 certifcation for our company. Quality control is monitored and supervised by our in-house Food Technologists.

GEMIE has successfully acquired the internationally acclaimed HACCP certification, which meets the world-class standard in food hygiene and safety. HACCP is the acronym for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. The integration of ISO 22000:2018, HALAL and HACCP certifications marked a new milestone of achievement for GEMIE and will transform the company into a world class manufacturer of premium halal frozen foods.

Our Distribution Network

GEMIE’s products are available in most hypermarts, mini-marts, popular supermarkets, neighbourhood markets and restaurants in Malaysia and through wholesalers and caterers. Apart from manufacturing our own “GEMIE” brand, we do OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) for other companies. In addition to supplying to the Malaysian and Singaporean markets, our products are also exported to Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.